Dutch Purrpuss Club. The Cat Fanciers' Association Cat Club in The Netherlands.

Our Next Show

Format: 10 rings. 11 judges: 8 AB + 2 SP LH/SH

The Dutch Purrpuss Club is inviting you to Rotterdam, The Netherlands for our 10 ring CFA catshow, November 4 and 5 2017.

Pam DelaBar FI AB
Kit Fung HK SP LH/SH
Kenny Currle USA AB
Anne Mathis USA AB
Peter Vanwonterghem BE AB
Yanina Lukashova-Vanwonterghem BE AB
Frank Duker DE SH SP
Teo Vargas SP LH SP
Dimitriy Gubenko UKR AB (Guest judge)
Olga Grebneva UKR AB (Guest judge)
Kaai du Plessis NL AB (Guest judge)

This show is held under the auspices of The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. The current CFA showrules will be strictly enforced. By entering this show exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges and the show committee and to adhere to CFA show rules. Copies of the show rules are available from CFA P.O. Box 1005 Manasquan, NJ 08736. All cats must be microchipped and inoculated against Feline Enteritis, Rhinotrachetitis, Calici Virus and Rabies by a licensed vet. Claws must be clipped. All entries must remain in the show hall until the advertised closing time or unless permission is received from the show manager. The exhibitor of any entry showing evidence of fungus, fleas, ear mites or any contagious disease will be asked to remove that entry as well as their other entries from the show hall. The Dutch Purrpuss Club reserves the right to substitute judges in case of illness or emergency.

We prefer payment by bank transfer: ING Bank account: IBAN: NL72INGB0006335152, The Dutch Purrpuss Club, Langeweg, The Netherlands. Please mention your exhibitor name and entry number(s) with payment. Payment at the show will cost 10,00 per cat extra. Paypal account: paypal@dpc.nl (fee for transfer via paypal will cost 2,50 per cat extra). Payment at the show at no costs will be only for exhibitors with other currency than euro's. Please consider CFA rules entry must be paid within 10 days after conformation or if entered late before the show takes place.

Would you like to see your name our cattery name on one of our judges table? If you do please think about sponsoring a judge. We have 11 judges on the show in Rotterdam in November. You can also sponsor a judge with 2 or 3 and split the cost. Please sponsor the judges of the Dutch Purpus Club for the 10 ring show november 4&5th. Kenny Currle is allready sponsored. But 10 more judges are available for sponsoring. 100 euro per Judge. Contact Joke Vegter at jevegter@ziggo.nl or Henny Wintershoven at henny@cfaeurope.org.

Show Hall:
Sportcentrum West, Spaanseweg 2-4, 3028 HW Rotterdam, The netherlands, Phone: 0031-10-2620955

Show Hotel:
Carlton Oasis Hotel, Curieweg 1, 3208 KJ Spijkenisse, The Netherlands, Phone: 0031-181-625222, E-mail: info@oasis.carlton.nl, Website: https://www.carlton.nl/hotel-oasis-spijkenisse. For hotel reservations please contact the hotel directly. Reservation code is "Catshow DPC". Room rates: €70,00 per night for a single room, €90,00 per night for superior twin room. Price is including breakfast. €15,00 per night per cat extra.

Entry fees:
First entry: €79,00, Second cat: €75,00, Third cat: €70,00, 4 cats entered at the same time 235 euro (same owner for these prices), Catalog (obligatory): €7,00 (Free for DPC members), CFA fee each cat (obligatory): €2,00, Regional fee each cat (obligatory): €1,00, Subsitution (10 days prior to closingdate): €7,00 Euro, Additional fees: Club Cage lease fee (per cat): €5,00, Extra grooming space 70 cm: €15,00 (limited space).

Entry Fee Visitors:
Free entry for all visitors! 09.00 am to 18.00 pm location open for public.

Entry Deadline:
Sunday October the 29th. at 00.00 o' clock- or when 225 entries received!

Show Hours:
Advertised hours 9.00 am to 18.00 pm on Saturday and 9.15 am to 18.00 pm on Sunday. Check in at 07.30 am to 08.30 am, with judging beginning at 09.00 am on Saturday. Check inn at 8.00 am to 9.00 am, with judging beginning at 09.15 am on Sunday.

Show Forms:
Online Entry Form: http://cfaeurope.org/en/shows/2017/DPC_November_17/entry
Text Show Flyer: http://www.dpc.nl/images/textflyerrotterdam2017.jpg
Image Show Flyer: http://www.dpc.nl/images/flyerrotterdam2017.jpg

Show Manager:
Joke Vegter, E-mail: jevegter@ziggo.nl, Phone: 0031-16-8850284, Whatsapp & SMS: 0031-6-22609249.

Vendors / Advertising Catalog:
Joke Vegter, E-mail: jevegter@ziggo.nl, Phone: 0031-16-8850284, Whatsapp & SMS: 0031-6-22609249. Full page: €25,00, Half page: €17,50

Entry Clerk:
Henny Wintershoven, E-mail: henny@cfaeurope.org, Phone 0031-34-8419087

Supporting Membership:
Fee per year: €15,00. Contact Joke Vegter: jevegter@ziggo.nl

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