Dutch Purrpuss Club. The Cat Fanciers' Association Cat Club in The Netherlands.

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August 2017 - Our past Show

The Dutch Purrpuss Club is inviting you to Rotterdam, The Netherlands for their 10 ring CFA catshow in November 4 & 5 2017 (8 AB + 2 SP).

Pam DelaBar FI AB
Kit Fung HK SP LH/SH
Kenny Currle USA AB
Anne Mathis USA AB
Peter Vanwonterghem BE AB
Yanina Lukashova-Vanwonterghem BE AB
Frank Duker DE SH SP
Teo Vargas SP LH SP
Dimitriy Gubenko UKR AB (Guest judge)
Olga Grebneva UKR AB (Guest judge)
Kaai du Plessis NL AB (Guest judge)

Flyer: http://www.dpc.nl/images/textflyerrotterdam2017.jpg
More info on our Shows page or at: http://cfaeurope.org/en/clubs/Dutch-PurrPuss-Club



Oriental on the pic: Purrfect Golden Dream. Owner: Helene Lauffer

DPC Magical Show Flyer


November 2016 - Our Previous Show

The Dutch Purrpuss Club, The European Shorthair Club- and the Sophisto Cat Club held its show in Wijchen, The Netherlands: 8 ring CFA catshow, November 5 and 6 2016.

Pam DelaBar FI (SSP)
Gary Veach USA (AB)
Ellyn Honey USA (SP)
Kaai DuPlessis NL (AB guest judge)
John Hansson GB (AB guest judge)
Barbara Jaeger USA (AB)
Jan Rogers USA (SSP).
Dmitriy Gubenko (SSP guest judge)


DPC Magical Show Flyer


November 2014 - The Magical Show

The Magical show is over and we at the Dutch Purrpuss Club hope you are all home safe and sound. We hope you all had a wonderfull weekend.
We just would like to give a little extra thank you to our sponsors and to the people that have donated... and made it possible for us to have this show.

Our ring sponsors: Catgirlswalk Cattery/Marian v/d Meijden, Akalanka Cattery/Clare Muscat, Mirigajo Cattery/Suzan Roelofs, Justonewish Cattery/Vicki Moore, Djagilevs Cattery/Fam.Luhrman, Tuaron Cattery/Elena Ekgartd, Markus and Frank and Elke Hartmann, Beautyfullpets/Joke and Remko

Raffle sponsors: Jan en Sjaan van Eijk, Energetix/ Margo Boerboom, Monique van Eijk, Beautyfullpets

And thank you for the donations to our club: Kenny Currle, Gary Veach, Sharon Roy, Tracy Petty, Annette Wilson, Arie Groenewegen, Guy Patigny, Pam DeleBar, George Cherrie, Lisa and Steven Rock, Joke and Remko Vegter, Olivier Grin, Jos Wintershoven and Piet Broeders.

And last but certainly not least, thank you so much everyone for helping to set up and build down the showhall! We really can not thank you enough for your support.

Cat on the flyer: D'Eden Lover I Am So Exited, Sphynx Blue & White Mink. This photo is used with permission, for the usage of the Magical Show Flyer, by Frederic Gaspard (Photographer: Christophe Hermeline).

DPC Magical Show Flyer


March 2014 - The Wild Wild West Show

The Wild Wild West Show!
The show has been held in Wijchen, the Netherlands on March 1 & 2, 2014. It was a 2 day show with 8 All Breed rings.

On this show we used beautiful 3D rosettes with a pleated head, layer flats and streamers for our Final Winners!
All of our rings have been sponsored! Thank you so much!

We had these wonderfull judges for you:
Kenny Currle (AB) USA
Hope Gonano (AB) USA
Arie Groenewegen (AB) NL
Anne Mathis (AB) USA
Guy Pantigny (AB) FR
George Cherrie (AB) NL
Olga Korotonozhkina (AB) Guest Judge UKR
Lena Gnatkevych (AB) Guest Judge UKR


Russian blue on the flyer: GC, BW, RW Tylona's Gabriella. This photo is used with permission, for the usage of the Dutch Purrpuss Club, by Richard Katris (Chanan Photography) & Tim and Barbara Schreck (Tylona Cattery).

DPC Wild Wild West Show Flyer

January 2014 - The Dutch Purrpuss Club has a new website!

We couldn’t be more excited. Our webmaster has been working hard to pull this new site together, way before our show in Wijchen started. She attempted to make this site simple but elegant. We are happy!

Please contact us if you still miss something or find anyhing wrong, so we can improve our site and its information and can continue to help you. We are looking forward to hear from you!

DPC Logo

November 2013 - The Runway Cat Show

Well... we promised you a really great, fun show and we certainly did succeed in that!

We would like to thank our Judges: Irina Kharchenko, Donna Jean Thompson, Pam DelaBar, Ellyn Honey, Dimitry Gubenko, Kathy Calhoun, Kenny Currle, Guy Patignuy & Arie and George.

Also thank you to the Ring Clerks, Master Clerks, Ring Stewards and Helpers, with the set up and dismantling of the show cages, and the entire show committees of both the DPC and the ESC, who sponsored the Runway Cat Show.

And what would we have done without our great show and ring sponsors! Thank you: BeautyfullPets, Breeder Select Cat Litter, Lopnardo Catfood, Akalanka Cattery, Beautyburm Cattery, Bunny Promotion Team, Burmar and Lion Blanc Cattery, Feanor Cattery, Lac Hong Cattery, Lyuboburm Cattery and Sweet Melody Cattery.

We are so grateful to all who up supported the clubs, and helped making the show possible. Of course, where would we be without our exhibitors. It was a bit of a struggle to get the count to a level that would make the show possible, but thank you so much!

Congratulations to all winners of the Runway Show! Let's keep CFA strong in Region 9. We have to support ALL the clubs and their shows!

DPC Runway Show Flyer

March 2013 - The Spring is in the Air Cat Show

We would like to thank all our Judges (Vicki Nye, Pam DelaBar, Michael Hans Schleissner, Vicky Abelson, Peter Vanwonterghem, Yanina Lukoshova-Vanwonterghem, Jodi Garrrison, Dimitri Gubenko, Arie and George), Master Clerks, Ring Sponsors (Lionstone & Hanson Place, Cattery D'Mediterran, Cattery De Silsanos & D'Arnoud, Cattery Fairy 4 U, Cattery Tombrock, Cattery Composer Cat, Cattery Lac Hong, Cattery Fëanor, Cattery Kuorii, Cattery Asylum, Bunny promotion team, BeautyfullPets, Netty's Prezzies Energetix) and all Exhibitors for their superb contribution to the Spring is in the Air show!

Instead of a traditional 6-ring one day show, the new team of the DPC decided to extend the show format to 10 rings. 7 of the 10 rings were all breed, and 3 were LH/SH specialty. We organized the show together with the European Shorthair Club, and... we had a big succes! Everything worked well and we are proud to say we gained one of the highest counts for the European show season! Exhibitors all over Europe, some even from the United States, entered into our show. We and the ESC were very satisfied, so of course the long history of CFA shows in the Netherlands will continu in the future years! There really was a 'Spring is in the Air' feeling in Wijchen. We had a lot of fun and we saw lots of happy faces among the exhibitors. Everybody commented how wonderful the atmosphere was, there was laughter in the show hall, and unbelievable cats in competition. All of our judges mentioned the unbelievable quality of cats present, which made their job of deciding their top 10, so difficult. There were new Grands galore and many party's going on in the show hall to celebrate the wins, and the friendships.

This was really a wonderful compliment to all the exhibitors of Region 9 who came together to rescue our clubs, facing the difficulties of not being able to put on a show, you really did us proud. Thank you all so so much!

DPC Spring is in the Air Show Flyer